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In Loving Memory of a Beautiful Sole

My heart is deeply saddened to learn the news of my friend Wawecha’s untimely passing. He was a young man with playful and childlike energy and at the same time he was a dedicated, serious and intense individual who gave fully of himself to make this world a better place for all beings with a […]

125th Memorial of the Massacre at Wounded Knee

2015 marks the 125th anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre that took place on December 29th, 1890. We, humankind, continue to be wounded, heart-speared by massacre almost daily! We suffer. We continue to create and perpetuate broken hearts and anguish. It is time! Let us end this heinous activity. We invite you to join us […]

Bobby Onco

Bobby Onco, Kiowa veteran, medicine person and spiritual warrior from Oklahoma , passed this morning around 3:30am. His brother Eddie awoke and went to check on him and saw he was barely breathing so he woke his wife Jackie and they sang to him and got to say there goodbyes before he passed. Bobby was […]


Countless individuals around the world share the belief that humanity’s next evolutionary leap will be achieved by collectively serving conscious evolution. They support the need to build a global community, restore ecological balance and encourage social transformation that optimizes human potential. Let us together reflect upon our own individual and collective part of the evolutionary […]

Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles gives a small window into our world’s largest war. Originally just a journal written about boys sent to the frontlines of war armed with only a whistle, readers forwarded it with the same kind of urgency in which it was written and demanded to know – what can we do? The Falling Whistles […]

The Longest Walk III

On February 14th, 2011, The Longest Walk III will begin a 5,400 mile walk/run relay across America. The purpose of which is to draw attention to the alarming epidemic of diabetics in Indian Country. Led by A.I.M. co-founder Dennis Banks, the walk will begin at La Jolla Shores, California (San Diego), and ending in Washington, […]

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