Donald Hoskie


My grandfather was a beautiful man, he was a Medicine Man who helped many, I learned a great deal from him. I also learned part of the medicine, and I look back now on his beautiful life since he is no longer with us…I am really happy how my family has been brought up. I’m proud of them. I have done my work and to this day I’m very happy about that. I realize I’m old now and I’m happy with my family…One of the things I’ve done as part of my life is work to support my family. I’m very happy about that. One of the areas that I see that is different today is a change that’s taken place….the sun used to come up really in a unique way after the darkness, but today that sun doesn’t rise the way it used to be, like it did in my earlier days in my life. It’s not what it used to be. It seems different. I completely agree that prayers is what has the power to change what is going on that is not very good and negative, also I’ve been saying prayers in that way, and this is what we must do to make a change on Mother Earth. The Pow Wow has been going on for many generations and I really enjoy being a part of it, and watching it, and witnessing these events and I really think it is beautiful for all of us…for all the peoples to be a part of it, because it has it’s own way, it’s own beautiful spirit that gives energy to all the areas, the regions, and the peoples…What I know is that today’s way of life, the way things are going is not very good and it affects the sun and nature and it affects everything that man has done which is not very good…My thinking is that the leadership has to change because they’re the ones that make decisions. One of the ways is for people to come together for consultation and to really study and to find out how to proceed in a good way and this is the way I see it. It’s up to the people that have to do the work, so to speak, to make things balanced again.

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