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A Tribute to Sonny Three Mountains

Sonny Three Mountains Campbell shares some messages and insights along with life lessons, touching upon love and truth, respect, tradition, war and conflict. Artist, musician, silversmith, family man, military veteran, friend and humanitarian are just a few words to describe this remarkable man.

A Tribute To Grandma Edna Gordon

Friends–Our beloved Wisdomkeeper, Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon, 93, has walked the Strawberry Path, and on Friday she was reverently planted by her People in her Beloved Mother Earth. Her Spirit will not die, but forever fires the hearts of her Haudenoshaunee (Iroquois) Peoples and of all justice-seeking human beings. Weep and smile with me […]

A Message For The Children

From the south, honoring trust and innocence, Benjamin Celaruie, also known as Wawecha (which means butterfly in Lakota), opens his heart and shares the universal meaning of the sacred ceremonial staff which he is the keeper of. Recorded at a spiritual gathering at Canyon Calm in South Dakota. Wawecha directs his words to youth everywhere.

Voices of Wisdom

Selected Quotes from His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

~ Change in society must come from within the family and within the community.

~ Nonviolence is the only way. Even if you achieve your goal by violent means, there are always side effects, and these can be worse than the problem. Violence is against human nature.

~ Once you get the value of your own tradition, then you can see the value of other traditions more easily.

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