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Priscilla Coolidge

A tribute and memorial to a beautiful soul who has crossed to the other side. Priscilla Coolidge along with sister Rita Coolidge and Priscilla’s daughter, Laura Satterfield, shared their sacred musical gifts through Walela. Walela is the Cherokee word for hummingbird and is the totem which propelled the beautiful vibrations of their music. In this […]


Walela, the Cherokee word for Hummingbird and the symbol of inspiration for this family of women singers. They are Rita Coolidge, her sister Priscilla Coolidge, and Priscilla’s daughter Laura Satterfield. Interviews and concert footage.


Litefoot is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. He is a Native American rap artist, actor, role model and entrepreneur. Litefoot began realizing his entrepreneurial dreams nineteen years ago by starting his own recording label, Red Vinyl Records and releasing his own music. He has since recorded eleven award-winning albums that have […]


ThunderBeat is a gifted shaman, a world Bridger, who blends tonal with tribal elements into multi-dimensional soundscape; Her harmonies soothe the spirit. While her rhythms awaken the soul. ThunderBeat is a Native American of Choctaw and Shawnee heritage. The name “ThunderBeat”, was given to her by Native American elders, because of her abilities to heal […]

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