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In Loving Memory of a Beautiful Sole

My heart is deeply saddened to learn the news of my friend Wawecha’s untimely passing. He was a young man with playful and childlike energy and at the same time he was a dedicated, serious and intense individual who gave fully of himself to make this world a better place for all beings with a […]

Jeff Tucker

When I first met Jeff Tucker in the year 2000 at a spiritual unity gathering in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, I was a stranger in a strange land. He approached me with open arms and an open heart – he welcomed me into a beautiful world that I hold dear and will […]

Ralph Red Fox

Ralph Red Fox speaks of things close to his heart. He shares his wisdom at a spiritual unity gathering in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota.

Rosalie Little Thunder

Rosalie Little Thunder speaks her truth about the brutal slaughter of the American Buffalo. Walking her talk and living by example for her children. Sharing some Lakota ways and knowledge passed down from her ancestors. Rosalie believes in living her life in a good way and always keeping the seventh generation in mind, insuring a […]

Wanble Ska

A pipe carrier who walks with the spirit staff of the Lakota Nation. Wanble Ska, aka Bill O’Brian shares stories of Stone Boy and Wind Cave, the white buffalo nation, the thunder beings, the oyate, and his journey of the good red road. His sincere and heart felt words touch deeply as he offers insights […]

A Message to the Elders

Four kolas (Lakota -meaning, friends) gather in the Black Hills of South Dakota, representing the four directions. Speaking about the present and future generations, earth changes, prophecies and other important issues. Their collective message is directed at the elders and wisdom keepers of the world and is also vital to us all.

Angel Staley

Angel was gracious enough to share her thoughts and feelings on several topics. Documented in 2002 at The Gathering of Eagles, Canyon Calm in South Dakota.

Dave Swallow, Jr.

Dave Swallow, Jr. was born and raised near Wounded Knee, SD on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and is a member of the Teton Lakota Nation, the band of Crazy Horse. He was taught the ancient Lakota ways by his Grandparents and is recognized by his own people, both on and off the reservation, as […]

June Iron-Hawk Lew

June Iron-Hawk Lew speaks about a message she received from Grandmother Moon. June’s parents were Lakota and Siberian and she was brought up on Spirit Lake Reservation. She shares a rattle song passed down from her elders, honoring Grandmother Moon and Grandfather sun. June was a beautiful woman inside and out. She passed into the […]

Chester Kahn

Chester Kahn was born in 1936 in Pine Springs, Arizona on the Navajo reservation into a long line of silversmiths and rug weavers. His upbringing was based upon the traditional Navajo lifestyle that included livestock and farming. It was during his early years that he drew on canyon walls and cardboard as while he herded […]

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