In Loving Memory of a Beautiful Sole

My heart is deeply saddened to learn the news of my friend Wawecha’s untimely passing. He was a young man with playful and childlike energy and at the same time he was a dedicated, serious and intense individual who gave fully of himself to make this world a better place for all beings with a special focus on the children. Wawecha will forever be remembered as a dear friend and brother, a devoted son, a gifted medicine person, a craftsman and creator of functional & sacred works, a connector of light workers,  a sacred child of Mother Earth. Your legacy of love, truth, beauty & service to all relations will blaze bright in my heart until we meet again my friend.


From the south, honoring trust and innocence, Benjamin Celaruie, also known as Wawecha (which means butterfly in Lakota), opens his heart and shares the universal meaning of the sacred ceremonial staff which he is the keeper of.

Recorded at a spiritual gathering at Canyon Calm in South Dakota.
Wawecha directs his words to youth everywhere.

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