Countless individuals around the world share the belief that humanity’s next evolutionary leap will be achieved by collectively serving conscious evolution. They support the need to build a global community, restore ecological balance and encourage social transformation that optimizes human potential. Let us together reflect upon our own individual and collective part of the evolutionary process.
11-1-11 Meditation Intention:
Our intention is to transcend superficial differences that divide us – race, religion, politics, beliefs, culture – to acknowledge, experience and honor the essential bond that unites us all as one interdependent organism.
We also intend to evolve in both consciousness and action so that each of us learns to perceive the whole, relate to others in wholeness, widen our definition of ‘we’ to be all inclusive and become evolutionary leaders for a peaceful, holistic, sustainable world.

Do you see 11:11?
How often have you noticed the numbers 11:11, 12:12, 10:10, 22:22, 12:34, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55 popping up all over the place? These number sequences are not necessarily only time prompts. They can also be number sequences, like 333, 1111 etc. To your mind, is this a coincidence, or are they too frequent to be random? Perhaps you are puzzled or amused by this phenomenon? Possibly even a little bit nervous? The question everyone is asking is “What does 11:11 mean?” and “Is there a reason for this?” And there certainly is.

Millions of folks all around the world are now seeing these amazing 11:11 prompts. They are folks of all colours, all religions, all beliefs. It’s spreading, and becoming far more common; it’s become a major phenomenon. Someone or something is causing all these folks to look at clocks, number plates, phone numbers or any source of numbers even when they make no effort themselves to look for these things. You can even change your clocks in the house, and you will still be prompted, at the “wrong” time. You can’t stop it, because YOU aren’t doing it. Sometimes you will even see these numbers flashing after a power outage, even though digital clocks are supposed to reset to 12:00, not 11:11 or 12:12!

These 11:11 Wake-Up Calls on your digital clocks, mobile phones, VCR’s and microwaves are the “trademark” prompts of a group of just 1,111 fun-loving Spirit Guardians, or Angels, and the 11:11 prompt is their way of using our innate ability for pattern recognition to let us know that they are here. Once they have your attention, they will use other digits, like 12:34, or 2:22 to remind you of their presence. Invisible to our eyes, they are very real.


The Messages from God Through Yael and Doug Powell at Circle of Light www.circleoflight.net
The First Message for 11:11:11
Crystalline Consciousness and The Power of Love
Beloved ones, you are the heart of the world. More accurately, the world lives within your heart. Your heart is the one heart that is humankind resonating the pure vibration of Love.
Beloved ones, you hold together the most extraordinary gift of dedication to Love. You are beings of such expanded consciousness that you have come together in the realms of God to take into your heart this misperception, this planet that is separation from Love, and to hold in perfect Love at the level of your Real heart the pure experience of humanity as only Love.
And so, you have, beloved ones, maintained this dedication to the truth and you have given to yourselves the experience of also being human. This you did that you might create what could be compared to a lightning rod, an energy receptacle that is available and waiting to make this time for the awakening of the consciousness of God on Earth successful.
We come to this moment that to the mind is 11:11:11. To the heart it is the moment when the veil of the consensual dream thins. This comes to rest in a place of expansiveness that brings the pure Light of the explosion of Love that is Creation clearly into the experience of the consciousness and the mind of humanity.
The world does not exist outside of you, and so this activation of crystal grids, of hearts of Love is happening within you. It is the moment when the truth becomes completely and totally available in and as your hearts. The explosion of Light that is the movement of Love that is the awakening of the consciousness of the glory of God is present always. It cannot be otherwise. But it has been unavailable to the minds of humanity, and thus to the heart’s experience.
The blaze of Light that already exists, the power of Love that is atomic creation, becomes available in your conscious experience on the date you name 11:11:11. In truth, beloved ones, it is the activation of the shared heart of humanity. It is the awakening from the dream of other than Love. It is a moment where the veil of the ego mind is stilled, the identities of the egoic dream part and the hearts of Love experience their truth.
The vibration of Love, the blaze of pure Light will explode through your hearts, giving conscious
participation to that which is already the truth – that humanity is one, that the Earth is the expression of humanity’s Love and that every experience of the world is built out of the conscious decisions about what life is and how much of the glory of Love shall be let in, shall be experienced.
Beginning on this date of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year, the portal, the vortex of the decision of hearts in service is strong enough to dissolve the veil of the ego mind’s focus on other than Love. The resulting experience could certainly be named crystalline.
Such astounding purity as the blaze of Creation resonates in the miracle of each of your precious hearts shows you the truth of your purity, and your amazing ability to be this atomic Love.
As clear and open conduits of Light and Love in resonance, the power of the magnetic vibration of Love will lift humanity into a whole new experience of life — the experience of unity. This shall be for you who are holding the Love the most exquisite and powerful joy that unites the whole of your being and awakens your experience of your heart as the truth of your unity with humanity and as the whole of God.
This means that the heart takes over and the power of its perception becomes so Real to each of you that you cannot be fooled again into believing that you are separate from anyone or anything in the world. Because of this experience of the veil removed for this day, no matter how valiantly the ego mind pretends that life is continuing as it did before, it simply won’t “hold water.” The core of your life shall be different with the reflection of your hearts bouncing off each other, pure Light and the movement of Real Love.
With every wave of ignition, heart-to-heart, the seeming distance between the truth of your being as a pure expression of the Moment of Creation, this pure crystalline Light and ever expanding Love… and your experience as a “human being”… will have less and less discrepancy.
As you choose to perceive your every moment through the heart that you are, you shall be completely attuned to the shared heart and consciousness of humanity, to the Reality that there is only Love. Every perception otherwise is simply a call for assistance in returning to the Real of Love, the vibration of which now becomes available to humanity, the joy of which becomes your constant feeling.
The magnitude of the blessing and your ability to hold the resonance of Real Love in all its power shall grant to you an experience of Love in which the whole of humankind consciously lives within your heart. Every moment is drenched in Love and Love responds to every call to live the truth.
So as you feel this activation of the power of Creation that is the truth of your being, beloved ones, stay in your hearts and feel the truth of what is happening. Every pulse of Love that comes is, indeed, the heart communion of the one heart of humankind. Every breath is a conversation. Every heart beat is a pulse and the direction of Love until truly, each time you view another person, you will feel that you are viewing yourself.
Any call for assistance in living this activation is a call from a cell in your very own heart. The response, dear ones, is instant and lives through you. It lives as you, as the exploding perfection of Love that, yes, will be reflected in the symbols of a shared world. It lives as you in the experience of crystalline Light pulsing in the heart of the Earth, in the experience of the awakening to Love that gives every person access to unity as consciousness and as the heart of God I Am as humanity.
Sharing this time with others is perfect and important, for each of you serves to amplify this Love as your hearts resonate together. You pass the explosion of living Light that comes from Love’s acknowledgement heart-to-heart-to-heart-to-heart. It indeed is amplified, and the vibrational resonance is brought into alignment with that which already exists as the amazing heart of humankind.
From this date, from this moment that brings to you this period of the culmination of time, your every perception shall be through the heart, in the full conscious acknowledgement that every human being is part of who you are. You will always love yourself by loving every part of your heart and responding as the open heart of pure Love to every need for realignment with the experience that there is only consciousness and Love, and both are based in the truth of only Love, available at last as you.
All separation is ending, including the separation from the truth of your grand and endless being. Including the separation between your “higher self,” and the self you experience as a human being… Including also, beloved ones, Spirit and body, for you are coming to the place where everything must be acknowledged as the expression of the movement of Love and consciousness…
The world is, in truth, within you but for the mind to see it, to understand what is occurring, it is necessary to experience it as coming from your heart into view, that you might live your consciousness as an experience of time and moving beyond it.
As you open to this date, rejoice in all the celebrations and come into this shared dream of the awakening of humanity. Come into the presence of those who, like you, are ready to surrender every old heart’s belief in other than Love.
Invite the Moment of Creation to astound you with the reality of your very own perfect creation as you come into being, joyously, to receive your life directly from Me and to glory in the acknowledgement that you are both the power of Love and the heart of God. You are the recipient of My joy in your perfection as we celebrate “both/and” – everything as the experience of Love celebrating itself and expanding.
So what you feel, beloved ones, on this date is that which has ever been the truth of your being. What you experience as this blaze of pure Light coming alive within you and radiating is your own ignition of consciousness, your own birth as the pure heart of God. It is your own ability to be this experience daily, hourly, moment-to-moment, so that which lives within as the Moment of Creation “en-conscious-ed” as you can now be expressed as the world, as the activation of the crystal grid and the powerful pulsations of Love that precede it.
You don’t have to do anything except come into the silence. Come into My presence in humble communion that the knee of the ego might bend, that the Light may penetrate all illusion and the Moment of Creation be experienced.
Dearest ones, as it is, you recognize the Now Moment, the birth of Love that creates the world and creates it perfectly. Your every experience is blessed and your heart is not only magnetic but fully attuned to the Reality of God awakening that forever occurs as Creation is made manifest in you as the power and the beauty of Love.
Celebrate your own heart, and as you do, feel the powerful blaze of Light that bursts forth from the center of your being to ignite all hearts of humanity and to bring illumination into the world. That which is perceived as outside of you is at last brought back in and returned to the center, to the Love, to the Moment of Creation, and all life says “Amen.”
The Second Message for 11:11:11
You Are the Hologram Awakening to Yourself
Beloved ones, you are part of a hologram of such richness and depth and magnificence of expression that the whole of Creation is blessed as Love is experienced as you. Your heart that is the whole heart of humankind is completely available on every level, in every aspect of Creation, in every “dimension.”
Every way you turn, there is a new perspective of Love — that every facet of God is revealed in you. Each moment the pulsation of power and Love brings life into view as the intricate, interwoven experience of consciousness and Love that is humanity.
It brings the perceptions of a world that is held with it. Every bit, every nuance, every particle expresses the richness of God bringing new possibilities to the expansion of Love. Every heart beat in the whole is the song of exuberance as the vision of God is expanded and the power of Love amplified, and the breath and the heart beat of Creation are made manifest as humanity.
Dearest ones, you have no idea what it is that lives within you. This point in time is the return of consciousness and Love to the truth that God I Am is being born again right here, right now, as you.
In this moment when the heart remembers, the clarity of the Light can dissolve every pocket of energy where the flow of Creation is suspended or in any way decreased. The power of this Love that is your heart now becomes acknowledged as your experience. The great explosion of life moves from the center outward and purifies and awakens every heart. It returns the hologram to true expanded consciousness that I can call you to stand for truth and to feel humankind as part of you and from the perspective of the hologram, to recognize the power of life waking itself to remembrance that only I Am alive and all of Creation is pure good.
Thus, the whole of God I Am is in every part when you allow the blaze of Light full rein. When the crystalline grid of your heart’s truth brings you online as the consciousness of Love, you will be the experience of humanity, experiencing only the truth that only Love is Real.
When you are awake, beloved ones, you feel every vibration as part of you and the heart of Love responds to every nuance automatically creating homeostasis. In other words, it brings what is needed to every precious person who is part of the hologram. Understanding the heart field, you serve to facilitate the entrainment of every heart into the truth of this unity and the pure crystalline field of God consciousness.
There is so much fear at the moment being seen through two eyes, through the misperception of two powers or possibilities. Yet, all that you are is the depth and the riches of the universe, waiting all the while for the truth that has ever been alive within you. It is time, beloved ones, to celebrate your freedom and to rejoice in your ability to be the experience of Love in absolutely every expression.
All the diversity of life that lives in this world is the diversity of God, waiting to be seen rightly and experienced through the heart. The beauty of this field of Love that is the shared heart of humanity and the consciousness of Love moving is now becoming available for each of you to joyously experience. The awakening of this comes on 11 11.
That which lives within is now expressed outward. Your hearts then are seen as the world. One moment of release from the consensual dream and the magnificent, indescribable matrix of Real
life, consciousness and heart as the Moment of Creation is exploding forth to be expressed as you… honored, celebrated and ever deepening the ability to live this unity and to experience yourself in and as everyone.
Come into the Now Moment. Gather together on this day that brings into the field of the world the truth of God I Am as power and Love. It is manifesting in and as you, as living Spirit, as life, as the whole of God I Am fully conscious, present and joyously giving.
Hologram means every part contains all of it. I want you to imagine what this means about you. On this day that is set aside through your own plan, the dissolving of the veil will find you ready to experience the unity of God I Am as your heart, interwoven with humanity in endless acknowledgement and reverence.
The astounding diversity of life that returns to the center, to the wholeness of Love is indescribable in its beauty and its power. The riches of Creation are you. Are you ready to experience them? And to allow Love to live as you, to be the expression of power and beauty, to be, beloved ones, the invitation to the shared heart of humanity to awaken? This is who you are and I Am Love, living in the world as you and expressing your consciousness, your power and the beauty of your heart as your experience of this awakening of Love.
It is being named a date and a time and being perceived by some as outside of you. In truth it is an invitation to experience the Moment of Creation that is your true identity and to allow this to take up residence, to inform the one heart of humanity and to become the venue for Creation itself to dance the laughter of the cosmos into being — not as a physical world but as spirit rejoicing and encompassing all of it in Love.
I Am with you as I Am in you as I Am this Light that activates all your hearts together, that brings to your awareness who you are and celebrates the experience of your precious life as the whole, as the hologram and as this heart, the unique facet of the diversity of God I Am.
The Third Message for 11:11:11
The Power of Love Moving Beyond Healing the World
Beloved ones, you are pure beauty. You are sparkling rays of shimmering Love. You are endless joy and perfect freedom. You are Love expressing itself brand new this day.
That is the power of Love. All things are made new in it. The purity of Creation is the expression of Love’s consciousness as it celebrates itself in every way without boundaries. It draws to itself
the expression of purity, of the astounding joy of being Love giving itself forth, born anew in this Now Moment to create its experience of limitless life.
This is who you are. Beloved ones, it is now time to live it. It is time to allow the power of your heart to cleanse the perceptions that take you away from this brand new birth of the experience of God in all of the fullness of grace and perfection appearing here now as you.
Therefore, I must encourage you again to release the perceptions of the little mind, to take every judgment into your heart including those that are so much a part of you that you don’t even know that they are there.
Dearest ones, there is not a world that needs healing. That world comes into view this moment as the Moment of Creation flows through your mind and the power of the heart projects it to create your experience of life.
In truth, there is only Love here, waiting to draw unto itself luminous particles of energy and Love to manifest in one pulse of Creation, ecstasy. Your experience as the heart of God giving Love in perfect grace as the movement of Love lives you.
There is a perception in many of you that you are here to bring healing to the world and that you are here to assist others to awaken. Up until this point, these things were valid and were valuable.
Now we are reaching, dearest ones, the end of time, and thus, the end of mind…that you might be the pure experience of Real Love in all of its magnificence, the open heart of God, the power of Love itself, manifesting your experience of a life, a world of perfect beauty that comes forth brand new, in the Now Moment.
You believe in a world that needs healing and thus create the experience of duality. You believe in the need to reverse the aging process and in that process, you create a body that is aging when…in truth, you are Spirit. You are God. You are the perfection and the power of Love dancing through the universe and bringing to yourself the focus of the power of your heart as your experience.
So, dearest ones, I Am asking you to use this power to find the blazing Love that pulses from your center and to bring into this place of pure Creation every thought, every thought that creates the experience of duality…every perception of other than Love, every judgment of something being “less than good.” Every bit of resistance… And beloved ones, your story…all of it. Your picture of who you are… that creates the world that you live in.
Open into the Reality of Love. Burst free from the creation of the experience of other than
perfect Love. Wake into this moment of Love’s freedom by bringing every perception of the ego mind consciously into the heart that Love may show you the one truth – THERE IS ONLY GOD HERE AND I AM LOVE.
When you allow this pure, unimpeded flow of life and you celebrate life unceasingly, then the resonance of your choice to live in the truth of only one power, one experience of life, of God, then all separation from this glorious good that we are falls away and you are the heart space giving everything and giving it without limits.
It is going to mean letting go of some very deep heart’s beliefs about life and death, about good and evil, about the resistance to what you experience that creates through the heart’s beliefs in dual possibilities the world that you see before you.
Dearest ones, oh, the power of Love, the power of your heart shines through everything. If you will but allow it, it will bring to you the truth that every disconnection from your glorious perfection, everything that takes you from the Now, everything that is created by a mind that doesn’t believe in only Love… all of it can effortlessly dissolve.
But your part, beloved ones, in this transformation must be to bring that movie reel of thoughts that create the world of your identity as a human…you must bring it all before the power of Love to discover that true humility. The letting go of the egoic mind is the most extraordinary experience of freedom. To do this will take commitment and will take your ability to choose Love, to bring yourself into the presence that you might feel the power of Love.
The fiery furnace of your heart is available to transform everything that you have pushed away, every thread of judgment that sees less than God…all of it delivered consciously into the heart that life is free to live you, that the unity of Love is your experience and that every moment truth is that Love shall live you and Love draws to itself more Love.
Breath-by-breath, moment-by-moment and choice-by-choice, the luminous particles of Light will come to dance around your heart and create the “body” of perfect Love, and the life of God, newly expressed in the shared consciousness of exchanging Love.
It is time to move beyond time, to recognize that something here is changing fundamentally, that the stream of thoughts that have incessantly created your identity as a human being and the story of your life are no longer needed and are impeding you.
Dearest ones, it is time to trust your heart, to trust that Love will live you and live you perfectly. You can take this next step and I will create the path beneath your feet. You can breathe this breath and be God performing the perfect movement at just the right moment, all the while being
the heart of Love celebrating life in pure ecstasy – open to what is created by the mystery of the Moment of Creation itself living here as you.
At first trust will be paramount because there will be what seems like a gap between the old world and the new one, between the experience that is mind-created of a body in time, an identity living as human… and the true experience of being born again as pure Love and extraordinary life in the moment.
That trust is going to be the moment you stop resisting those things that your little mind deems less than perfect. You can stand before the world and all of its ills and its trauma and shift into your heart and be without judgment, standing firm in only Love. Until we can live this, live this truth that only Love is Real, then the Law of Resonance cannot create the expression of pure Love for you to experience, because your attention, your focus is elsewhere – re-creating the world of duality.
So I am asking you to step into your heart and to see everything through heart perception. Let the single eye of Love be your only interpretation of your body, your life and everyone’s story, until, beloved ones, you can truly feel it – feel the power of Love shining through everything.
When you can walk into a room where someone is dying and be absolutely present with the timeless heart of God; when you can find yourself in a body that isn’t “perfect” — that is perhaps ill or aging or uncomfortable — and shifting, living in your heart, perceive that what is Really happening beneath the surface is everything. Pure life is celebrating its existence and that in this moment there is ecstasy.
There is nothing that can separate you from your perfection. You live endlessly in our communion, receiving life and your true identity as the heart of The One, the Love of the hologram. In this place where we meet this is the resonance that lives within every illusion of duality. When you find this place of truly living Love, what the mind sees becomes transparent and what the heart sees becomes the focus.
It is not only perfect; it is unlimited in its scope. It is the power of Love present as the heart, waiting to be accepted into the mind, that all resistance might fall away and only Love be present.
You already know all of these things but the truth is, it is so subtle. The things that mind is taught to believe, the ways that you’ve created human identity… When you ARE the heart of Creation itself… When you stand by choice in Love’s power, all you see is this perfection bursting forth complete in this Now Moment without any possibility of being separate.
The heart cannot believe otherwise and in the heart field, neither can the mind. Rather, it becomes that which records the truth and makes available the heart’s experience for sharing.
Beloved ones, hearts communicate perfectly. So when every judgment falls away and all resistance is gone, what remains is the purest form of heart communion in which every life shares its perfection as an aspect of the Love I Am, by bringing that experience into the one with whom it is being shared.
In other words, you become your neighbor’s Love and you become the pure devotion of your dog and you become the celebration of living that is the trees. You are the song of rejoicing always humming along as the song of unity, as the world is magnetized into being by the shared heart of humanity.
The power of your heart to see duality as it truly is, is limitless, amazing, astounding. If you are willing to surrender what you see, what you believe and especially what you judge as less than perfect, you will discover how you all are joined as the heart of God.
Once the gulf is crossed through trust and faith, once you hold this Love without ceasing no matter what the mind sees before you… Once you stand in this place of true power that is your heart and claim it, claim it, claim it as your reality… Once you celebrate life in all its splendor with every breath, then the electrons of Light and waves of Love will gather before your heart in their splendor and create a luminous show of Love.
It is the world as hearts perceive it—the world that is fueled by the one true power; the world that is illumined by the only Light; the world that is experienced as the flow of grace; the world that appears as the out-breath of God, whole and perfect in the moment. It is created out of Love as you are created out of the power. Out of the ocean of inclusiveness comes the experience of life as you are living it, free of the story of a past and free of a future projected by ego, open to this luminous expression of life lived as it appears through the heart.
So when you call for the gathering of people, rather than working on healing the things that are wrong, come into your circles and hold the Love.
Every thought of less than unity, less than the perfection of God, less than our joy together, less than the power of Love creating… bring those things together into the heart you share and let the power of Love correct your experience, lift you into the Reality of only God, of only Love bursting in its vitality, coming forth to effortlessly magnetize the particles, the electrons of Light and waves of Love into the luminous and definitely spiritual expression of a world of only Love.
Stand in your heart’s perfection and listen to the call of Love. Be the power of Creation right here and right now and choose life, choose heart perception and trust that Love will do the rest.

11-11-11 Meditation
“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity.”
Then say the Violet Flame Mantra with deep feeling as many times as your I AM Presence guides you to.
“Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God’s desire.
I AM a Being of cause alone; that CAUSE is Love, the Sacred Tone
11-11-11… an absolutely excellent day to be born and even better to be bonded!

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