A Tribute to Franklin Erachio

Tseyatoh Bear Clan and Wisdom Keeper Franklin Erachio passed into the spirit world on Wednesday morning July 20th, 2011. In Franklin’s 77 years he accomplished much and left a truly meaningful legacy. A caring and compassionate man who dedicated his life to helping others. An integral member of the Tseyatoh Bear Clan, located near Gallup New Mexico, Franklin lived with his wife Marie and son Aragon. A traditional Navajo medicine family sharing their beauty way of life. Aragon shared that his father was honored by many with the services beginning at 10am and continuing through 7pm, including a 21 gun salute from the local police force.

Frank as he was called by many, worked as a traditional counselor/ healer for N.C.I., focusing on alcohol and drug issues. Through his gentle and profound way of listening and speaking to others, he surely helped countless troubled souls find peace of mind throughout his many years of community service. Frank also dedicated a national park and R.M.C. Hospital along with his other meaningful contributions.

Franklin recorded the messages in this video as a gift for all human kind. His intention was to share his experiences, thoughts and wisdom with all in order to help you live what the Navajo people call, “the beauty way of life”

Rest in peace and beauty my friend.

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