Litefoot is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. He is a Native American rap artist, actor, role model and entrepreneur. Litefoot began realizing his entrepreneurial dreams nineteen years ago by starting his own recording label, Red Vinyl Records and releasing his own music. He has since recorded eleven award-winning albums that have been distributed throughout the world.
Litefoot’s lyrics are used today to teach both high school and college level students throughout the United States; and as far away as Germany, about historical and contemporary Native American issues and views. Litefoot has lectured at various colleges throughout the United States ranging from Virginia Polytechnic College and State University to Sitting Bull College. Litefoot spends a great deal of his time each year speaking and holding workshops for elementary and high school students throughout North America.

Litefoot’s entrepreneurial spirit has grown to include successful pursuits in the world of fashion through his popular “Native Style” clothing line. The Native Style brand enjoys distribution via Native American casinos, various retail outlets, Native American powwows and events nationwide and through its fully functional e-commerce website located at
In early 2010, Litefoot became the first Native American actor or musician to develop and produce his own branded line of sneakers aptly named the “Litefoot”. The shoe is the result of a joint venture collaboration with Sole Nation Health, an American Indian owned footwear company. The first pairs of the “Litefoot” sneaker will be available in March of 2011.
Litefoot continues to constantly tour Indian Country as a popular rap artist and public speaker. Over the last 4 years he has traveled over 150,000 miles throughout the United States bringing hope and empowerment to over 400 Native American communities on the “Reach The Rez Tour”.

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