Voices of Wisdom

Selected Quotes from His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

~ Change in society must come from within the family and within the community.

~ Nonviolence is the only way. Even if you achieve your goal by violent means, there are always side effects, and these can be worse than the problem.    Violence is against human nature.

~ Once you get the value of your own tradition, then you can see the value of other traditions more easily.

~ The very purpose of meditation is to disciple the mind and reduce afflictive emotions.

~ Every human being should realize that the future of humanity is dependent on their present actions and thinking.

~ I believe that in the twentieth century humanity has learned from many, many experiences. Some positive and many negative. What misery, what destruction! The greatest number of human beings were killed in the two world wars of this century. But human nature is such that when we face a tremendous critical situation, the human mind can wake up a find some other alternative. That is a human capacity.

~ Change only takes place through action. Frankly speaking, not through prayer or meditation, but through action.

~ We are the same human beings; we have the same experience. As far as human rights are concerned, there are no differences between rich and poor, or educated and uneducated, even the Queen of England and the beggar in the street.

~ Nonviolence is not just the absence of violence, however. Nonviolence is any act that comes out of true compassion.

~ If through practice of insight you develop a sense of ease, then time has no relevance. If you’re miserable, time does matter. It’s so unbearable, so enormous you want to get out of it as soon as possible.

~ True nonresistance is the one true resistance to evil. It kills and finally destroys the evil sentiment.

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