Emerson Hoskie


This passage has been translated from Emerson’s interview which was spoken in his birth language, Dine’h.

We want to help anybody that comes out that wants any kind of spiritual healing or guidance, we are here for them. Whatever their illness is, whatever they have, and need help with, that’s what we are here for. We do a lot of prayers, healings for everybody, we hope that we help them. There’s a lot of things that I think about sometimes about the Spiritual Gathering, my intention is to help people heal from whatever their ailing and hopefully they get the spiritual healing and guidance they need. As a Medicine Man it is my duty to help the people, whoever needs help, whatever illness they have. I enjoy it and I want to help people heal spiritually and to help them on their path. All I want to do is help all my patients because they are not in good health and I just want to be there for them. There’s a lot of times when a lot of people are afraid to ask, but for me, I am happy that people come to see me so that I can help them get back on their feet. First of all before I do anything they tell me a little bit about themselves and where they are coming from and what their illness is and I go from there on to where I do a lot of prayers and I do a lot of spiritual healings for them. As a Medicine Man, our intuition tells us that, without even seeing the person, without even really telling me what their illness is, as a Medicine Man I have the gift to find what their problem is. That’s the gift that I have. A lot of people when they approach me and they tell me their problems I only know what prayers and what spiritual healing that person needs, so when they go and seek the spiritual healings that her or she needs, I can do it for them. Most of the time all of them get better, but in due time. It takes one day at a time. If it weren’t for my parents and my grandparents and my elderly people I wouldn’t be here this day and helping people and leading guidance and spiritual healing. I am grateful for all the things that they taught me because whatever I am telling you I tell to the new generations. I am glad that I have learned a lot of things from them and even though I am not well educated. A long time a go my Mom always sat me down and lectured me. There are a lot of things I’ve come to understand that she always told me, how life was going to be growing up and she told me all kinds of stories about Indian cultural life and she said that ” One day I’m not going to be here and I need for you to be strong for your brothers and sisters because you’ll be talking to your family like this, to your brothers and sisters, relatives, friends. I want you to always remember what I told you because there are some things that I wish to say to your other brothers and sisters, but you are the youngest one and through you my voice will be heard”. I’m not in my best health these days, but I try to make the best of it because I know that within I can heal myself. I take it one day at a time in how my life is. A lot of things I cope with everyday, I help my family and friends a lot. I know things will be ok because I live day by day dealing with things as it comes and that there are some things that I think about all the time and eventually with my prayers I know that I will be all right.

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